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Category: Diabetes Management

How Diabetes Affects Men Differently

According to The American Diabetes Association, between 14 and 17 percent of men have diabetes. Men have a slightly higher risk of developing diabetes compared to women but it’s not enough to raise concerns that men should pay greater attention to diabetes compared to women. Both should make sure they are healthy or are proactively […]

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Your Dog Helps Improve Your Diabetes — Here’s How

Man’s best friend has been providing companionship for as far back as the partnership we created with the grey wolf tens of thousands of years ago. As one of the first domesticated animals, dogs are adored and guarded for their mere presence. The wiggle of a tail has us smitten. And who can resist a […]

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3 Ways You Can Take Hold of Your Diabetes Today

Life with diabetes doesn’t have to be exhausting. While it may feel as though there are numerous changes and adaptations one must put into place, managing your diabetes can help you gain a better understanding of your body’s needs and how it reacts to everything from what you consume, your emotions, and physical activity. Starting […]

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