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Tag: Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management: How to Live a Healthy Life with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes

About 34.2 million people, or 10.5% of the US population, have diabetes. About 7.3 million people haven’t received a diagnosis, though. If you’re a diabetic, it’s important to talk to your doctor about diabetes management. Developing a diabetes care plan can help you remain in control! It can help you avoid potential complications down the […]

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Diabetes and Exercise: What You Need To Know

Exercise can be a great tool for staving off diabetes; it can improve blood sugar, keep off weight and make you more fit. For many, exercise is another weapon against diabetes, but it is also more complicated for someone with diabetes. Here we’ll go over the basics of exercise while dieting, so you can feel […]

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Diabetes & Diet: 3 Delicious Diabetic-Friendly Meals to Try Today!

Your diet is a vital aspect of managing your diabetes. In addition to eating plenty of nutritional foods, physical activity is also a key component of life with diabetes. Together, the two can help you lead a healthier life and most importantly, avoid the complications that come with diabetes such as high blood pressure, weight […]

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Your Dog Helps Improve Your Diabetes — Here’s How

Man’s best friend has been providing companionship for as far back as the partnership we created with the grey wolf tens of thousands of years ago. As one of the first domesticated animals, dogs are adored and guarded for their mere presence. The wiggle of a tail has us smitten. And who can resist a […]

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Simple Tips For Improving Your Health This Year

With a new year comes a new beginning. An opportunity to start fresh and to continue striving for a better life. There’s a reason one of the most common goals for Americans is to lose weight and be healthier overall. It’s much easier to make a stop at the drive-thru window than it is to […]

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3 Ways You Can Take Hold of Your Diabetes Today

Life with diabetes doesn’t have to be exhausting. While it may feel as though there are numerous changes and adaptations one must put into place, managing your diabetes can help you gain a better understanding of your body’s needs and how it reacts to everything from what you consume, your emotions, and physical activity. Starting […]

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