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Tag: health tips

Examining Popular Diets and Their Effects on Patients with Diabetes 

There is no shortage of miracle diets constantly advertised, talked about, and discussed on websites, television shows, podcasts, and other media. Whether it’s a famous athlete or some spokesperson claiming the incredible results they had, people seem to always be chasing the right answer. As a medical establishment, we must first begin with a disclaimer: […]

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Diabetes and Exercise: What You Need To Know

Exercise can be a great tool for staving off diabetes; it can improve blood sugar, keep off weight and make you more fit. For many, exercise is another weapon against diabetes, but it is also more complicated for someone with diabetes. Here we’ll go over the basics of exercise while dieting, so you can feel […]

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Simple Tips For Improving Your Health This Year

With a new year comes a new beginning. An opportunity to start fresh and to continue striving for a better life. There’s a reason one of the most common goals for Americans is to lose weight and be healthier overall. It’s much easier to make a stop at the drive-thru window than it is to […]

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